The Tools You Need to Get Started with Video in Your Business

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Getting started with video can seem like a BIG undertaking, but we are here to tell you that it is easier than you might think!

The Tools You Need to Get Started with Video in Your Business

You can honestly get started with video is you have a phone with a descent camera. But here are some other tools we recommend!

1. A Tripod for Your Cell Phone

If you plan on using your phone to record videos, having a tripod is a very inexpensive investment! This helps you steady the camera and is very portable! Plus this allows you to talk and use your hands if needed (hey, I’m Italian and we talk with our hands!)

2. A Microphone for Your Cell Phone

If you plan on recording a lot with your cell phone and in places that might be noisy (or even outside when there is wind), having a mic to attach to you is another pretty inexpensive investment that will do wonders for your audio quality.

3. A Webcam

One of our favorite ways to record is on our computers using our webcams. We both use ones from Logitech and absolutely love them. A decent webcam might run you about $75-$100 but it is well worth the investment. 

4. A Microphone for Your Computer

If video is going to be part of your strategy, then having good audio is something you can’t sacrifice. So we recommend purchasing a microphone. The Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti are both fantastic options depending on your budget. And boy do they make a difference.

5. Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing software that makes it super easy to connect with people all over the world. But did you know you can have a solo meeting and record yourself talking to the camera? It really is that easy!

6. Camtasia (or another video editing software)

We’ve used Camtasia to edit all of our summit presentation videos. And if you are planning on doing any video editing (definitely not required when just starting out) then we recommend you getting a video edit software. However, unless you are making really professional YouTube videos, this really isn’t necessary unless you are a perfectionist like we are.

So tell us, do you currently use video in your business?

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