How to Set Up Dubsado for Service-Based Business Owners

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As service-based business owners there is always so much stuff to do. You need to send invoices, contracts, questionnaires, emails, nurture the relationship, actually do the work and more.

That is why at Uplevel Your Biz, we love using a CRM system. A CRM system is simply a customer relationship management tool. And our favorite one is Dubsado.

How to Set Up Dubsado for Service-Based Business Owners

Why Dubsado?

As with everything, there are so many CRM tool options out there. But here are some of the reason we love Dubsado:

  • Your branding is front and center
  • You can embed a lead capture form directly on your website (no more copying and pasting information into your system!)
  • Canned emails are lifesavers
  • Workflows make automation of your client experience a breeze
  • Two words. Client portals!
  • Dubsado is always updating and adding new features
  • Their customer service cannot be beat!

How to Set Up Dubsado

Now that you know why you should be using Dubsado, let’s talk about how to set up your account. We won’t be covering EVERYTHING (because you can do so much), but we will show you the basics you need to have in place.

1. Brand Specific Settings

This is the section where you can adjust how your brand appears to your clients.

You need to add your logo, one of your main colors, your business name, your business email, phone number and address, and set how you want your emails from name to appear (you can choose either your name or your business name).

How to Set Up Dubsado for Service-Based Business Owners - Brand Settings

2. How Are You Going to Receive Money

This is one of the most important settings because you won’t be able to accept payments without it. Here you get to decide how you want your clients to pay you.

You can connect with either Stripe or Square, but you can’t do both. However, you can connect with PayPal. You can have PayPal as an option by itself or in addition to either Stripe or Square. This allows you to get paid however you see fit.

How to Set Up Dubsado for Service-Based Business Owners - Receive Money Settings

3. Email Settings

With Dubsado you will be sending lots of emails. Whether it is sending of the contract or invoice or just a nice follow up email. So you want to make sure the email is coming from you!

It is great because you can easily connect with your GSuite email address. But if you don’t use GSuite for your emails, then you can configure it another way. But on a side note, we highly suggest you use GSuite in general because it makes things so much easier and you can log into your emails just like you would log into Gmail for your person email. 

How to Set Up Dubsado for Service-Based Business Owners - Email Settings

4. Whitelist Dubsado with Your Domain Name

While Dubsado uses your branding, any URL for say a contract or an invoice or your client portal still says in it. You can change that by connecting a domain name.

This is something we both have yet to do on our own Dubsado accounts, but something we plan on doing for branding purposes. It is slightly technical, but your host can probably help you set it up on the backend. You just need to create a new subdomain. Something like (or whatever feels right for you).

How to Set Up Dubsado for Service-Based Business Owners - Domain Mapping

5. General Settings

A newish feature of Dubsado is a scheduling tool. Now it isn’t as robust as Acuity but if you need something simple, why pay for another tool. So in the General Settings, this is where you handle calendar conflicts. We recommend turning both conflict settings on so you don’t double book yourself. And if you use GSuite, it should automatically pull in your calendar to check for conflicts.

How to Set Up Dubsado for Service-Based Business Owners - General Settings

The Next Steps

Once you have all of the settings configured for your business, you are ready to really set up Dubado to work for you! Before you dive into the program more we recommend you sit down and truly map our your client experience and process and what that looks likes. Then you can start inputting everything into Dubsado and automattinf where possible.

Things You Need

  1. Your lead form questions (is there a different lead form for each service or offering? Map this out!)
  2. Contract template/s
  3. Packages (do you have set packages with set pricing that never changes? Write these down!)
  4. Payment Schedules (do you have a set payment schedule such as 50% due upon signing the contract and 50% due 60 days later? Break these down if you have them.)
  5. Questionnaires (do you typically use Typeform or Google Forms when you need to send a client a questionnaire? Well grab all of those because you can move them to Dubsado!)
  6. Canned Emails (are there emails you regularly send to clients? These will become canned emails.)

So once you have all of the pieces and everything mapped out you can start adding it all to Dubsado and creating your workflows!

A word of wisdom, your process is not and should not be 100% automated. It takes the personal touch out of it. It also isn’t possible for every single step to be automated and that is okay. If you can ever cut down your time and effort by 50% then it is a win. But trust us you can do so much and save yourself so much time is a program like this.

Also, if you want to get 20% off of Dubsado be sure to sign up through our affiliate link here.

So tell me, do you currently use a CRM tool? If yes, which one? If not, why?

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  1. I am in the process of starting my own VA business and am loving Dubsado! It is time consuming to set up initially but I just think of all the time I’ll save in the long run. 🙂

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