How to Get Visible in Facebook Groups

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Is getting visible apart of your 2019 strategy? If so, I’m sharing how to easily get visible in Facebook groups and start growing your income and client roster today. 

How to Get Visible in Facebook Groups

Visibility is what helps us continue to get our names out there and attract a steady stream of new clients so I wanted to share some quick tips on getting visible in Facebooks groups and why its important. 

How to Get Visible in Facebook Groups

  1. Share your own valuable content // To gain the know, like, and trust factor it’s important to share your expertise. Don’t just post a promo of your services and run. That won’t do anyone any good. Share posts that educate people on the topic that you’re most knowledgeable in.
  2. Pick a handful of groups to be extremely active in // This will make it easier to stay consistent and stand out as an active participant in your chosen groups. Plus, you don’t want to be spending all day long in Facebook groups so this helps you set a limit on how much time you’re spending in Facebook groups each day. 
  3. Engage on other’s posts // Engaging with others who post about things within your zone of genius and offer advice. I recommend searching the group with the search feature and finding posts that are about your topic and providing value. This will help people in the group begin to recognize you as an expert in that niche and eventually they will start coming to you with questions on that topic. 
Do you use Facebook groups as a part of your visibility strategy? Please feel free to let me know in the comments.

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