How to Get Started on SmarterQueue

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Social media is an essential part of most people’s marketing strategy. But that doesn’t mean it needs to take up all of your time. That is where a tool like SmarterQueue comes in!

How to Get Started on SmarterQueue

What is SmarterQueue?

SmarterQueue is a social media scheduler that allows you to automatically recycle your content. It helps you say goodbye to manual scheduling because you can automate your queue so you are never without content. It is a major time saver. 

How to Get Started with SmarterQueue

1. Sign Up for SmarterQueue and Connect Your Accounts

If you don’t already have a SmarterQueue account that would be your first step! Then you need to connect your social media accounts. We use SmarterQueue to post to our Facebook business page, Facebook group and to Twitter.

For Facebook groups, we like to schedule our daily threads through SmarterQueue and then any important posts directly through the Facebook native scheduler.

We aren’t very active on our Facebook page and Twitter account, so we use SmarterQueue to recycle through our blog posts, podcast episodes, and other people’s content (so it isn’t always self promotion.)

2. Set Up Your Categories

What makes SmarterQueue so great is that you set up categories for different types of posts. You can set them for one social profile or for multiple profiles. This allows you to customize your automation in any way you want!

Categories we use are:

  • Own Blog Posts
  • Podcast Posts
  • Other People’s Content
  • Engaging Questions
  • Facebook Group Prompts (a different category for each prompt)
  • Freebies
  • Products

This allows us to set up our schedule in a way that mixes our value content and other peoples content with our paid products.

3. Set Up Your Posting Plan

Once you have your accounts connected and your categories set, it is time to set up your posting plan.

We set up a unique posting plan for each social profile separately. We like to set up on category at a time so we can make sure we can distribute out categories in a way that feels right and not overly sales.

4. Load in Your Content

The final step is loading in your content. SmarterQueue makes it super easy because you can create a Facebook post and a Twitter post at the same time (if you have both profiles connected) and even adjust the text on each one! They even let you add text variations for your Twitter post!

The key here is to always be adding new content. We make it part of our process to add our new blog posts and podcast episodes as we complete them and then we add other people’s content on a quarterly basis! That way we always have fresh content circulating!

So tell me, do you currently use a social media scheduler? If so, which one? If not, do you plan to start using one soon? 

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