How to Collaborate on a Freebie Bundle

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Collaboration is KEY in business.

It helps get you and your business in front of a new audience while also building relationships with fellow business owners.

And over at Uplevel Your Biz, we wholeheartedly believe in community over competition.

And collaborating on a freebie bundle is an amazing way to jump right in.

How to Collaborate on a Freebie Bundle

Freebie Bundle Basics

What is a freebie bundle?

A freebie bundle is where you connect with a group of fellow business owners and you all contribute a freebie. What makes this unique is that subscribers just need to sign up once to get ALL of the freebies!

This makes it super easy for your audience to get a variety of valuable information in just one step!

How many people should be in the bundle?

We found our sweet spot at 10 people.

This made our potential reach quite large and also makes it look exciting to get so much free content at once!

It was also pretty manageable since it wasn’t an overwhelming amount of people to coordinate with.

What makes for a successful bundle?

We have collaborated in a couple different freebie bundles, and the most successful one was the one we coordinated ourselves.

Here’s why…

We personally vetted and reached out to people we wanted in the bundle. We made sure that there weren’t two people doing the exact same thing but that we all had similar audiences.

This made sure that we each got in front of a new audience.

The next thing that made it a success was having it available for a limited time only. We ran our for 36 hours and then you could never get that freebie bundle again.

Now the freebies were still all available on each of our sites but the convenience of one sign up was gone.

How to Coordinate Your Own Freebie Bundle

Step #1: Determine the topic and name.

Step #1: Determine the topic and name.

Just like in business, your freebie bundle should have some sort of niche. For ours, we called it Uplevel Your Biz (big surprise 🙂 ) and we focused on the key things you need to focus on to take your business to the next level.

Step #2: Map out a list of people you want to reach out to as well as a back-up list and start reaching out!

We have to account the success of our bundle to our highly vetted contributors. So don’t miss this step!

Create a spreadsheet to map out who you want to reach out to, the topic they would contribute on, when you emailed them, if they responded, and if they are a yes or a no.

Be sure to personalize it. If they have a freebie you know would be perfect, mention it by name!

Step #3: Send a contract.

So I don’t think this is something we did, but it is something you should include. Just something simple that states the requirements such as how many times they need promote and what they can expect from you (including how and when they will receive the email addresses).

Step #4: Collect the required materials.

You might think that all you need to collect is the freebie. But you would be wrong.

We made sure to have them submit the freebie, a high res headshot, and the name of their business and URL (just to make sure we had it exactly right).

Step #5: Create promotional graphics and set it up.

If you are running it, then the responsibility of creating the landing page and thank you page and setting up the freebie delivery is up to you. Along with creating the promotional graphics.

A simple landing page is best. I don’t even think we created a mockup of all the products for the one we ran. But what we did do was make it clear that they would receive 10 freebies by signing up and that this offer was only good for 36 hours. We had a timer and everything that was set up to redirect to a “Sorry this bundle is no longer available” page for when it was over.

We used ConvertKit and we tracked the people who signed up through the form. This way when the time came to export the list, it was super easy.

For the promotional graphics, we put everyone’s headshot on it and in the promotional copy (which we provided as well to make it simple) mentioned that the 10 of us have teamed up to offer this amazing bundle. Nothing too extravagant.

We should mention that you must make it clear before people opt-in that they will be added to all of the lists. I think it is usually a given but you want to make sure you are upfront about it.

Step #6: Export the list and the next steps to the participants.

When you send them the list, remind them that they need to send an introduction email letting people know how they got on their list and allow them to opt-out. This should be a requirement in the contract.

The best is if it is done either the day after the bundle ends or at least within that week.

This will help with unsubscribers. Because nothing is worse than not knowing how you ended up on someone’s and then getting reported as SPAM.

That is it! It is very simple and a great way to get started with collaborating!

So tell us, have you ever participated in a freebie bundle?

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