How to Effectively Use Hashtags for Instagram

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Instagram can be a great tool for service-based business owners but with all of the algorithm changes, it’s getting harder to reach your ideal clients…so that’s where hashtags come into play. 

How to Effectively Use Hashtags on Instagram

The good news is that it isn’t impossible to get more engagement on Instagram nowadays, but you have got to be more strategic and spend a little more time on the platform to get a return. 

Why Hashtags are Important 

  1. Hashtags can help your account get discovered by your ideal audience 
  2. Hashtags can help you find your ideal client easily 

Tips for Using Hashtags

Use ALL 30 hashtags

Instagram gives you 30 hashtags for a reason. Make sure you’re using all 30 hashtags on every single post to maximize your chances of getting seen.

Use only relevant hashtags

It’s important to use only relevant hashtags on your posts. If it’s not related, don’t use it because then you won’t attract your ideal clients or customers. 

Mix it up 

We recommend making multiple different hashtag sets and using a tool called Hashtag Shuffle to make sure that all of your relevant hashtags are used over time and in a different order each time to prevent being flagged for spam. 

Only use hashtags with 100K uses or less

It’s important to use hashtags that aren’t overly used. Since these hashtags have so many uses every single day, the chances of your posts getting seen in those hashtags are slim so it’s not worth using them. 

Where to Find Hashtags to Use

In our opinion, the easiest way to find hashtags is by searching for relevant hashtags and then seeing all of the related hashtags come up. We usually seek out new hashtags once a quarter to add to our massive list and then clean out any hashtags that have gone over 100K uses so that those aren’t added to the mix anymore. 

So tell me, do you currently use the proper hashtags on your posts on Instagram? Are you seeing results from your efforts? 

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