In today's episode, we are chatting with Teresa Kwon about how to leverage startup secrets to unlock the power of teams to scale impact, income and time freedom!

In This Episode: 

  • Task switching reduces your producitivity by 32%
  • When we should start hiring a team and how to know when we are ready
  • How to decide what we should hire for first
  • Why we should outsource our revenue generating tasks over non revenue generating tasks (i.e copywriting for a sales page, social media, etc.) 
  • How to manage team members effectively
  • Why effective management is all about stepping into leadership
  • How we can make sure our team is more productive and actually helping us take tasks off of our plate
  • Why it’s so important to have conversations with your team members that aren’t necessarily about business 
  • Why you should utilize the 3 strikes rule when deciding to keep a team member on 

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Culture Code

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