Episode #133 | How to Release the White-Knuckle Grip and Fully Step into Your Role as CEO with Cassandra Shuck

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Episode #133 | How to Release the White-Knuckle Grip and Fully Step into Your Role as CEO with Cassandra Shuck

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Cassandra Shuck all about how to release the white-knuckle grip and fully step into the CEO role of your business.

Why is it important to step into the CEO role in your business?

There are two different tracks for this.

  1. The Lifestyle Business – I want freedom when it comes to travel, or homeschooling, or family, etc.
  2. The Scaling Business Model – I am going to scale my business and grow my empire.

The latter is Cassandra’s speciality.

When you step in your CEO role, that is when expansion gets to happen. When growing the team gets to happen. This is when you take bigger risks for bigger rewards!

However, stepping into the CEO role isn’t necessarily important for everyone. It really depends on your business and the lifestyle you want.

What does stepping into the CEO role actually mean?

It means stepping into the visionary piece.

As a creative entrepreneur you tend to do #allthethings. So as you start stepping into the CEO role, you begin to delegate items out.

You take what your strong suit is and really focus on that, while delegating everything else out.

It is important because if you are being bogged down by say editing a podcast, you can’t do what ONLY YOU are able to do.

What is the #1 mistake that most people make when actually stepping into the CEO role?

White-knuckle grip!

It is really hard when you have been doing something for so long, to start giving away pieces of your business for someone else to do.

Thinking “I know I want to give this up, BUT they won’t be able to do it as good, as efficient, as whatever the word is, as me.”

Remove one finger at a time from the white-knuckle grip!

What types of things can we get off our plates as we step into our CEO role?

Everything is highly customized based on your business.

So you need to get clear on what you can do all day, every day. That is a piece you will want to keep in your court.

If time wasn’t an issue, if money wasn’t an issue, what is it in my business that I love to do?

Then ask yourself the opposite.

What is something you would want to get rid of tomorrow?

How can we leverage our past traumas and trials to create a fulfilling business?

Learn how to flip the switch.

See time of trauma’s and trial in a different light because you get to identify meaning.

For example, we are in the middle of the coronavirus and this is a trauma. So many people are saying on my business is going to go down. But you can flip the switch and be like oh this is the perfect opportunity to birth the book I’ve been wanting, or this is the time for me to get organized, etc.

How can we make sure that we are set up for success, even when the odds might not be stack in our favor?

There will ALWAYS be something stacked against you.

Trust yourself to innovate!

That is how you will always set yourself up for success.

Share with us your top takeaway from today’s episode.

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