Episode #130 | Preparing to Hire – What You Need to be Focusing on to Prepare Your Mindset, Business and Finances for Hiring with Kaylan Thompson

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Episode #130 | Preparing to Hire - What You Need to be Focusing on to Prepare Your Mindset, Business and Finances for Hiring with Kaylan Thompson

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Kaylan Thompson all about preparing to hire – what you need to be focusing on to prepare your mindset, business and finances for hiring.

Why is it important to hire a team?

There is a time in business where you hit a ceiling because you are just one person who can’t do EVERYTHING and can’t serve every piece of our business.

You can’t meet every business need and personal need as you start growing.

You will start to feel uncomfortable when you reach that ceiling.

How do you know when you are ready to hire?

  1. If you are approaching certain, recurring tasks that your business needs that you are starting to resent
  2. If you have the financial support
  3. If you tell people what you do and they are surprised you are a solopreneur

What are the common mindset blocks around hiring?

  1. I’ve been able to do this by myself for this long, I can prioritize better, I can time block better, etc. -> But you need to realize that at one point you will become the bottleneck in your business preventing it to grow.
  2. Who am I to lead? We think that we are not worthy of this role, or I am an introvert and I am not meant to lead. -> But you need to realize that every single person is a leader, especially in their zone of genius. You don’t need to compare yourself to other standards.

How can we prepare our business for hiring?

  1. You need to be good at sales and have a solid lead generation process that has proven itself over time.
  2. You need to have your core values lined up.
  3. You need to have your SOPs standardized and documented!

How can we make sure that hiring will make us more money than it costs us?

You need to be very good at sales with a replicable sales process that you can rely on.

When you hire someone, you are trading their support for the responsibility of financially supporting them. You have a responsibility to your hires.

You need to develop a mindset of abundance and opportunity.

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to your sales process.

If you need to hire, but can’t afford it, then you are either charging too little or you are doing too many things in your business that aren’t making you money.

Words of advice for someone looking for their first hire

Go slow!

Start working on your mindset from 6 months to a year out.

Don’t view onboarding as your saving grace, your problems don’t magically get solved when you hire, you are stepping into your zone as a leader.

Share with us your top takeaway from today’s episode.

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