Episode #125 | How to Have A Successful Sales Call

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Episode 125 | How to Have A Successful Sales Call

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about how to have a successful sales call.

You need to start with an intake form.

Starting with an intake form that asks the RIGHT questions will help you pre-qualify your leads before you even get on the phone. This helps come to the call prepared as well.

Come prepared to the call.

Have your intake form ready, any relevant notes or assets up, and more. This will make you look professional and get straight down to business without feeling flustered.

Build rapport.

Do not jump straight into the sales call. Be sure to start a conversation and build rapport before jumping in. It builds trust and eases the tension or anxiety they might be feeling.

Set the stage for the call.

Be sure to let the person know what will be covered during the call and what will not be covered. Usually sales calls are not coaching calls, so setting clear expectations at the beginning helps and clears up any confusion.

Have a process for your sales call.

You need to have a process or outline for your sales call. You don’t want to come into the call blind and wing it. When you create a repeatable process, it takes the stress off of you and makes sure that you address stuff in the order they need to be handled and that you don’t forget something important.

Be confident in your pricing.

Do not pose your pricing as a question. You need to state it with confidence otherwise the person can read that you are uncomfortable.

Ask for the sale.

So many people forget to actually ASK for the sale. Just mentioning your pricing does not count. You need to ask them if they want to move forward with you. Otherwise you are leaving the decision on them rather than taking ownership.

There is nothing wrong if people need additional time, but be sure to ask for the sale.

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