Episode #124 | Leverage The Power of Funnels to Add $5 – 10K in Monthly Revenue To Your Biz with Alison Beierlein

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Episode #124 | Leverage The Power of Funnels to Add $5 - 10K in Monthly Revenue To Your Biz with Alison Beierlein

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Alison Beierlein all about how to leverage the power of funnels to add $5 – $10K monthly revenue to your biz.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a process where you turn someone who isn’t a customer in your business into a customer. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

If you are a business and you are selling anything, you have a sales funnel in place (it might not be fully digitized but essentially that is what it is).

What can a well thought out sales funnel do for you?

A well thought out sales funnel can save you time, help you find the RIGHT clients, provide a better customer experience, and more.

It will weed out people who aren’t the right fit, and that is exactly what you want!

What is the first step to mapping out a sales funnel?

Start at the end of your funnel, what is the ultimate outcome you are trying to accomplish with this funnel?

Hint – you will mostly likely have more than one funnel!

This about what a person needs along the way to build the know, like, and trust factor, as well as what objections you need to cover as someone works up to your end goal.

Always map out your funnel from start to finish either on paper or digitally before you start building it out in your funnel building software.

What makes a successful sales funnel?

The biggest thing is having a very good understanding of their target client. When you try to speak to too many people at one time, that is where your funnel falls flat.

A successful funnel typically will also have an great offer.

You can fix a bad funnel if your offer is amazing, but you can’t fix a bad offer with a shiny funnel.

Sales funnel mistakes to avoid

  1. Thinking a funnel is a one-and-done solution and that it will make you money right out of the gate. You need to give yourself a grace period to test and review your funnel so you can improve and optimize.
  2. Not split testing. It is important to split test and let the market decide what is best rather than going with your best guess, because that is usually going to be wrong.
  3. Putting a funnel up and never touching it again. Even a great funnel can be improved by testing and tweaking a few things.

How do we bring people to our sales funnel?

A funnel is nothing if you aren’t putting it in front of enough people.

You need to get out in front of people CONSISTENTLY!

Posting on social media, using Pinterest, creating videos, doing content marketing, etc. are great ways to get traffic organically.

Paid advertising is a way to speed up your testing process and accelerate your results.

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