Episode #122 | How To Prepare Your Business For Time Off

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Episode #122 | How To Prepare Your Business For Time Off

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about how to prepare your business for time off.

The importance of having a plan.

Figuring out your game plan is key prior to taking off time from your business. Figure out how available you’ll be, what you’ll need covered, how long you’re going to be out of commission for, and more.

Why you need to get your SOPs in place.

You should have these in place whether or not you’ll be taking time off in your business but a lot of the time, taking time off is the kick in the pants most people need to get this piece together.

Why putting a stopping point for taking new clients in place is key.

Figure out when’s the last day that you want to take on new clients so that they can be properly onboarded and feel comfortable with everything before you take time off. This gives you peace of mind that your clients are taken care of and your team feels good about handling it.

The importance of giving people a 3 month training period before taking off.

You want to make sure that your new team members feel comfortable with how things are supposed to run while you’re gone and don’t feel stressed out about all the work they’ll be handling.

The importance of a trial period of time off.

You want to give your team a trial period of time off so that both you and your team members feel comfortable with you leaving beforehand. Maybe take off a Friday and Monday leading up to your official time off.

Why it’s important to define when your team should contact you.

You don’t want people to be contacting you for tiny things that are pretty insignificant so make sure to figure out all these boundaries beforehand so that your team knows when and when to not contact you.

Why scheduling weekly check-ins with your team is key.

Scheduling quick chats with your key team member is important so that you are kept in the loop and get that peace of mind instead of constantly feeling like you need to check in with your team when you’re off.

The importance of letting your clients and team know as soon as possible that you’ll need extra help.

You don’t want to throw all of this extra stress onto your client or team’s plate so it’s important to let them know early so they don’t feel completely left in the dark and feel equipped to handle things.

The importance of not ghosting your marketing efforts and automating as much as possible.

Marketing is important even if you’re not currently taking on new clients so make sure to plan in advance and get it done beforehand so that you don’t completely fall off the face of the earth for several months.

Don’t forget to set up your out of office email.

You want your clients to be aware of who to contact in case of an emergency so setting up an out of office is so crucial.

Why it’s important to take a step back and let go while you’re gone.

Letting go is rough for us so it’s important to take a step back and let go. Give yourself grace during this time and allow yourself to be able to let go.

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