Episode #120 | How to Go Viral on Social Media with Rachel Pedersen

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Episode #120 | How to Go Viral on Social Media with Rachel Pedersen

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Rachel Pedersen all about how to go viral on social media.

Why organic social media isn’t dead.

YouTube, Tik Tok, and Pinterest is rewarding those with nearly unlimited reach these days so if you want to utilize organic social media, then you definitely need to check out those platforms.

Why you don’t need a huge following on social media to go viral.

Going viral isn’t all about how many followers you currently have. You can go viral on social media with a small following so don’t sell yourself short here.

Rachel’s thoughts on using Tik Tok for your business.

Tik Tok is one of the up and coming social media video platforms that allows for really insane engagement and views with almost uncapped results.

What types of posts tend to go viral on social media.

This really depends on the platform. On YouTube, 7-15 minutes tend to get the most reach. On Pinterest, normal pins do the best. On Facebook and Instagram, it’s usually a photo accompanied by text that does the best.

Top tips for creating a post that goes viral on social media.

Entertainment, engagement, education and emotion. These 4 e’s are the recipe for a viral post on social media.

Share with us your top takeaway for going viral on social media.

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