Episode #119 | How the Coronavirus is Affecting Our Business and What We Are Doing to Combat It

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Episode 119 | How The Coronavirus is Affecting Our Business and What We Are Doing to Combat It

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about how the coronavirus is affecting our business + what we’re doing to combat it.

The personal effects COVID had on us.

Although we didn’t realize this at first, the coronavirus had more of an impact on us personally than we expected. Although neither of us experienced sickness or complete and total loss of jobs due to COVID, it was definitely a big impact on us mentally.

Why we think our summit didn’t go as planned.

How COVID affected our summit in terms of speakers dropping out, less people promoting, guests being a little distracted and things of that sort.

The amount of noise in the online space and people’s routines being thrown off completely.

There is so much more noise in the online space right now with everyone being home so that also played a factor into our summit as well. So much competition and people having less time in their schedules since their regular routines were completely thrown off.

People are spending money differently than they did before.

From our experience, a lot of people are paying bigger lump sums for done for you services like podcast launches but aren’t as likely to invest in monthly recurring payments for services. In terms of products and courses, the longer payment plans are currently performing better than the pay in full options.

Some things we’re doing to combat that.

With Uplevel Your Biz, we’re really taking a step back and evaluating what’s happening with what we want to do with the business and changes that we may be making in the near future. We want to make sure that what we’re doing is bringing in a great ROI and we’re not just spinning our wheels and wasting our time.

The improvements we want to make with our October summit and beyond.

We always add new things to our summit each go around and have some really great things we want to implement for our October summit and all of our summits for years to come.

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