Episode #116 | How to Spring Clean Your Business

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Episode #116 | How to Spring Clean Your Business

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about how to spring clean your business.

Why it’s important to review your about page.

Reviewing and updating your about page at least once or twice a year is key. Writing an about page is one of the hardest things in our opinion but making small tweaks can really help boost your about page.

The importance of reviewing your opt-ins.

When it comes to opt-ins, things can get outdated pretty quickly. Make sure you’re reviewing these at least once or twice a year to make sure that what’s on your website is reflecting your current focus.

Why it’s important to interlink blog posts.

Take some time to go back to your older posts and link to your new relevant posts. Doing this at least once a year helps increase your time spent on site.

Why it’s important to perform general website cleanup/maintenance on your website.

Cleaning up your website backend and getting rid of any unnecessary plugins, drafts, themes, review your categories/tags, etc.

How to spring clean your social media.

Change out your photos on social media, make updates to your bio, updating your Instagram website page, changing out your header image, etc.

Why it’s important to review your personal Facebook profile.

Making sure that your Facebook profile is up to date helps people get in contact with you about your products and services. You can add your website links, header, etc.

Why it’s important to clean out your old hashtags.

Hashtags are something we need to spring clean too. Use hashtags with a decent amount of usage but not too high because you’re less likely to get your content seen.

Why it’s important to revamp your social media schedulers.

We love to recycle our social media posts with a tool like SmarterQueue, RecurPost, or Tailwind. Refreshing your content here is so important at least once or twice a year.

Why cleaning out your inbox is important.

Cleaning out your inbox is important to make it easier for you to manage. We’re not necessarily Inbox Zero type girls but it’s important to make sure your inbox is manageable so you aren’t constantly forgetting emails.

Why having an organized Google Drive is key.

Take some time to organize your Google Drive so you’re not constantly searching for things that you need to utilize often.

Share with us your top takeaway about spring cleaning your business!

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