Episode #115 | How Community Leads to Growth with Vanessa Ryan

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Episode #115 | How Community Leads to Growth with Vanessa Ryan

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Vanessa Ryan all about how community leads to growth.

Why community is so essential in business.

Community is crucial for business owners. Being an entrepreneur can be so lonely sometimes so having a community behind us helps us continue to thrive.

How having a community allows for growth in your business.

Being able to have someone to lean on through all the hard and exciting times is so necessary during this crazy adventure called entrepreneurship.

Where we can find existing communities to be a part of.

Finding a community that you mesh well with is totally important. We can find communities both online and in person. Some good ones are Hey Mama, Tuesdays Together, and Dreamy Client Magnet. When we invest in programs that have a built-in community can be helpful too.

How we can start building our own community.

Email is a great way to connect with people in a way that feels good to them. It allows for a deeper one-on-one connection. Where you love showing up the most is where you can start building your community.

How to nurture those relationships that we make.

It is really important to see what your people are doing and then asking them about it. Making genuine connections is so important these days.

How being a part of a community can lead to growth.

Having a really solid community allows you build connections and allows for collaborations with people. It can even lead to hiring opportunities which allows us to grow our business in more ways than one.

Share with us your top takeaway for building a community.

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