Episode #113 | What We Learned from Speaking at Alt Summit

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Episode #113 | What We Learned from Speaking at Alt Summit

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about what we learned from speaking at Alt Summit.

The importance of having an open mind.

Having an open mind is crucial for going to a conference regardless if it’s Alt or another in-person event. Things may not be exactly how you expect so being open to whatever happens is crucial.

Why practicing your material is important.

As a speaker, it’s important to practice your material beforehand. This allows you to come off as more polished and as more of an expert than if you were to just wing it. You want to impress people and put your best foot forward so taking some time to get familiar with your material by practicing.

It doesn’t need to be perfect.

We are total perfectionists over here but we want to hit home on why it doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s important for the audience to be able to get enough from you to be able to take action but you don’t need to give away the entire world in your presentation.

Why you shouldn’t go into your presentation with set expectations of how things will go.

Until you get up on stage and start presenting, you have no idea how it will go. You have no idea how many people will attend your talk, how your talk is actually going to go, and things of that. It’s important to go into your presentation itself with an open mind.

Why it’s important to make connections.

Making connections is a huge part of attending in-person events. This isn’t something we did well at this go around but we think it’s very important to do so especially if you’re going to a conference alone.

The importance of promoting your session.

You need to make attending your presentation compelling for people. They have so many different options to choose from between workshops and presentations so making sure people know what value they will receive from attending your presentation is crucial.

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