Episode #112 | Creating A Brand Voice Strategy and Manifesto with Helen Tremethick

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Episode #112 | Creating A Brand Voice Strategy and Manifesto with Helen Tremethick

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Helen Tremethick about creating a brand voice strategy and manifesto.

Why brand voice consistency is key.

Having a consistent brand voice is so important. We need to know what type of language we’re using across the board to keep things streamlined and easy for us to follow. Creating brand voice guidelines is crucial to making this process as easy as possible.

What a brand manifesto actually is…

This is something that has a lot of emotion and energy that we want to inject into everything that we are doing for our business. It serves as a style guide for our entire brand.

What a brand manifesto includes and how it’s different than an elevator pitch

A brand manifesto speaks to your core values and what you believe in. It speaks to the deeper motivation and is more in-depth than a standard elevator pitch.

How we can start developing our own manifesto

We don’t have to spend tons of hours writing our brand manifesto. It can be something we can start working on and tweaking over time. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can start with it being unedited and uncensored and then refine it once you’ve gotten it all written down.

How often we should be changing our manifesto

Changing our manifesto happens sometimes and that’s completely okay. We should change it as needed and not feel bad about it.

Share with us your top takeaway for creating your own manifesto!

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