Episode #107 | How to Start A Podcast

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Episode 107 | How to Start A Podcast

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about how to start a podcast.

Why planning is such a crucial component of starting a podcast.

Planning helps you determine your target audience, your topics, your podcasting frequency, your format, and more.

The logistics of naming your podcast.

We walk you through how to name your show and give examples of the naming conventions you can use to name your show. Coming up with a subtitle for your show is not necessary but can be good if you’d like to include one as well.

What to keep in mind when creating your podcast cover art.

The ideal size for a podcast graphic is 3000 x 3000. You’ll need just one cover art image to use for your show. It’s important to keep the sizing in mind when designing so that all of your elements are visible on your cover art.

What to keep in mind for your intro/outro.

Intros are meant to be relatively short and used to describe your show and set the stage for each episode. You can use music in your intro/outro if you’d like – we recommend it to add a little more of a fun and professional feel to your show.

The equipment you need to get started with podcasting.

We aren’t huge equipment junkies when it comes to podcasting so we like to keep it affordable around these parts. Our biggest recommendations that you definitely need for your podcast are a microphone, an audio editing software, Zoom, and things like.

Why we love batch recording.

Batch recording is so helpful to help you plan ahead and be intentional with your podcasting schedule. We set up about 2-3 batch weeks a year for guest episodes to give ourselves more time and space to focus on promotion of the podcast.

Our best tips for recording.

Talking loud and is clear is super important when it comes to recording a podcast. This helps you create better audio. Mess ups are bound to happen sometimes so don’t worry about it too much because it can be edited out a lot easier. When recording, refrain from wearing noisy jewelry as it can be extremely distracting to the audience. Your podcast doesn’t need to be perfect and polished and it’s important to embrace that.

Our favorite hosting platform for our podcast.

We use and love Libsyn as our podcast host and syndicate our podcast to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play to give people options of places to listen to your show.

How to best promote your podcast.

Promotion is key for your podcast. It’s important to give all of your episodes the same amount of promotion time regardless of its a solo or guest episode. Promotion is the key to getting more eyes and ears on your show so consistency is key here.

Share with us your top takeaway on starting a podcast below!

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