Episode #106 | Creating A Podcast Guest Strategy with Kelly Glover

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Episode #106 | Creating A Podcast Guest Strategy with Kelly Glover

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Kelly Glover all about creating a podcast guest strategy.

The benefits of being a podcast guest.

When you are a guest on other people’s podcasts, you are able to build your expertise and be seen as an authority in your niche.

You also are able to get exposure for yourself and your business when you are a guest on other podcasts.

Being on other people’s podcasts also helps you build relationships with the host of the podcast.

What ROI you can receive because of a podcast interview.

ROI from a podcast is being able to reuse and repurpose the content for other things. ROI from a podcast is also SEO. It also expedites the like, know, and trust factor.

Another ROI measure of podcasting is getting qualified leads because the listeners of the show get to know you so much better.

Why being on a podcast is a great visibility opportunity for most.

If public speaking is absolutely terrifying to you and not something you want to do, then maybe being a podcast guest isn’t for you but just because you’re an introvert, that doesn’t mean being a guest on other people’s podcasts isn’t for you.

How to get started with being a podcast guest.

Your first step is getting yourself pitch worthy. You will need your messaging, topics, and talking points ready beforehand in addition to having a one-sheet, a press kit, and excellent online branding.

How Lindsey and I vet our podcast guests.

When we’re vetting our guests, we pay attention to their website, how specific their pitch is, and things of that nature when we’re vetting guests for Uplevel Your Biz.

What the components of a good podcast pitch are.

Your subject line is crucial when pitching to be on other shows. Make sure to have a great subject line that gets your email opened by other podcast posts. Having a specific pitch is important as you don’t want people trying to figure out what you can even talk about. Sending personalized pitches are important to getting yourself on podcasts.

Share with us your top takeaway for getting started with podcast pitching!

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