Episode #104 | How to Make A Collaboration Successful

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Episode #104 | How to Make A Collaboration Successful

In today’s episode, we’re talking all about how to make a collaboration successful.

Why every successful collaboration requires a plan.

Here at Uplevel Your Biz, we believe that everything requires a plan, especially a collaboration. Collaborations can be really game-changing for our businesses so it’s important for us to reach out to potential collaborators with a plan in mind to make it as easy to say yes as possible.

Why diversity is so important.

Diversity is important in skills, age, gender, race, and more. We need to make sure that we are able to grow our audience with this collaboration, so making things diverse helps us achieve this.

Make sure the opportunity is beneficial to all parties.

Don’t ask someone to do something for you and not do something for them in return. Mutually beneficial collaborations are the most successful as we’re all about to receive some benefit from it.

Why we need to identify the strengths of each person in a collaboration.

Being able to play on each other’s strengths is so important. It allows for us to be able to focus in on our zone of genius and gives others the opportunity to shine in their zone of genius.

Why setting expectations is so important.

Setting expectations from the get-go is key. Let your collaboration partners know ALL the details prior to commitment so that they are aware of what kinds of things they will be responsible for.

Why it’s key to share your results during the collaboration.

This gets your collaboration partners excited about what’s happening and gives them extra incentive to continue promoting and sharing the collaboration with their audience.

Why staying in touch with your collaborators is necessary.

A collaboration isn’t a one and done opportunity, it’s about building relationships.

– Lindsey Aleson

Staying in touch helps us continue to build our businesses and allows our podcast guests and summit speakers to build deeper relationships with us personally.

Share with us your top tip for how to set yourself up for a successful year of business!

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