How to Create a Content Calendar for Videos

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I don’t know about you, but video can be a little intimidating sometimes…especially if you don’t have a plan. Today I’m diving into why you should have a content calendar and how to create one specifically for your video marketing strategy. 

How to Come Up with a Content Calendar for Videos

Having a content calendar is important (even for videos) and I’m here to tell you why. 

Why a content calendar? 

A content calendar helps you stay on track and stay consistent with your video creation. Without a content calendar, it is easy to be inconsistent and feel like you have nothing to talk about so having one makes things so much easier.

How to create a content calendar 

Now you know how important creating a content calendar for your videos is, it is time to create your content calendar. I like to use a spreadsheet like Google Sheets or Airtable to keep track of all of my ideas, when I want to post them, and all of that jazz. 

You should plan out your content at least a month in advance but I personally prefer to plan my content quarterly so do whatever feels easiest for you. 

Step #1: Decide on your weekly posting time 

The first step is to decide when you’ll be going live each week. It is important to pick a day and stick to it for consistency purposes. Your audience will start to expect you during the specified day and time so keeping it the same each week will help both you and your audience. 

Step #2: Jot down all of your ideas in the spreadsheet 

Now it’s time to do a brain dump and get down all of your ideas in a spreadsheet. Write down as many as possible so that you have plenty of options to choose from. 

Step #3: Plan ’em out 

Now it’s time to plan out all of your ideas into tangible videos and schedule them out at least a month in advance. I recommend going live at least once a week if you’re using video as your main content stream. 

So tell me, how do you currently use/plan to use video in your overall content marketing strategy? 

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